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My name is Michael Knight, I am a fourth year education student with a major in Business Education and a minor in Social Studies. I did not take a direct road into the faculty of Education. After graduating from Archbishop M.C. O’Neill I spent a year at the Kelsey campus of SIAST taking a course titles Computer Systems Technology. After the first year of the two year program I realized I did not want to sit in a cubicle programing a security feature into a program that I would never use. I was bored and I did some searching into what I wanted to do, I knew I still had an interest in computers and I knew I wanted something that would challenge me on a daily basis. So I chose to apply to the faculty of Education, I was really excited about my choice as I thought I knew what I wanted to do! I received my letter from the U of R and I was excited to read it as I read it I realized….I didn’t get in. What was I going to do now? I took a year of Arts classes that I figured would help me get into Education the next year. I applied again and when I got the letter I read with with hesitation and as I read it I realized…. I was accepted!

I just finished my internship at my old high school, O’Neill and now I am looking forward to completeing my Education degree!

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